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Approximately 4 years ago, our friend and keyboard player Vernon made a call to tell me that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Whilst the news was a complete shock, it certainly explained a lot about Vern’s behavior around that time.

Just being told that you have this progressively debilitating disease is bad enough for anyone, however it hits home twice as bad when you are relatively young and a musician.

Vern was obviously worried about his future performances and how it would affect the band. Vern’s call to me was to put his resignation in that day. After a long conversation with many tears, I would not let him go and helped him understand that making such a decision at this early stage was not the right thing to do. Remarkably he still performs to the best of his ability with Desperado today.

It’s so hard to see a friend that you have performed with for a long time, not being able to do his shirt buttons up in the dressing room, and not being able to sign his own name…but then it’s great to sit next to him on stage and witness the tremors and shaking stop when he places his hands on the keyboards. Music has never been so important to Vern as he finds relief from his ailments every time he performs. Vern knows he has the full support of Desperado.

If all this wasn’t enough to handle for Vern, he found himself wanting to do more about bringing awareness and help raise funds to find a cure for Parkinson’s. Through Vern, Desperado The Eagles Show has been authorised by The Shake It Up Australia Foundation to do just this. You will find our Shake It Up donation bucket at the front of stage at all our shows from now on so feel free to contribute no matter how small. There is also a link on our Facebook page (and below) so you can deposit direct to Shake It Up…and please there is no pressure to donate as we understand that everybody financial situation are different. Just attending our shows will help, because Desperado will be making a donation from the profits of every show. I thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you all at our shows, and don’t forget to come and say hi to Vern as he gives a mighty good hand shake. CHEERS!

Jason Rodziewicz


Authorisation to fund raise - SIU2954

Also available at our shows are the official SHAKE IT UP Egg Shaker for  $5.00 ea...every single cent goes straight to the Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

Authorisation to fund raise - SIU2954

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