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This tasteful Australian tribute show to the worlds top selling band, The Eagles, has grown into the strength it is today not only through the bands talent and consistency in each performance, it has also shown flexibility and growth in production. Let’s face it, every Eagles tribute show will attempt Hotel California, however none will do it as well as Desperado The Eagles Show (DTES) with added dimension of vision and lighting, bringing to you a total professional package and experience. DTES have been performing in Sydney's largest venues for over 10 years which has now also expanded into coastal and regional areas of NSW and beyond. This has established a loyal following which continues to increase show after show. With comments from patrons stating – “If you closed your eyes you would be forgiven for thinking you were listening to the real Eagles”. DTES have had regular return performances on Cunard Cruise Liners over the past three years which include; Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, and the glamorous Queen Mary II. Cruise Entertainment Director of the QM2 Paul O'Loughlan says, "Desperado are now a part of the Cunard family and the show will be welcomed back as our Special Guest Entertainers for many years to come".


DTES can also boast their achievements of being Multi Award Winners. The list includes, the 36th and 37th MO Award for Best Tribute Show. Winners of the 2012, 2014, and 2017  Australian Club Entertainment Awards (ACE) for Best Tribute Show, and also winners of 2016 ACE Award for Best Production Show proving DTES are a, dedicated, and talented group of musicians…these awards are a testament to the quality of each performance and tireless effort put in by each member and their crew.

Each member of DTES has years of experience working in the entertainment industry –

Lead Singer Mark Anthony, was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. He grew up performing and singing from a very young age and his favourite band was, and still is The Eagles. His vocal ability cannot be faulted as he has the natural tone and timber that powers through the Canadian accent.  He moved to Australia 25 years ago where he performed in musical theatre and finally ended up with DTES approximately 10 years ago.

Guitarist and Vocalist Ross Russo is relatively new to DTES however slotted in like he has been in the show from the beginning. His deep rich vocal tone assists with bringing another dimension to the Eagles harmonies and he also has a fantastic lead vocal voice that he surprises audiences with throughout the show. Ross completes each performance with solid rhythm guitar parts played just like they were intended however adding very tasteful personal touches to the songs.

Bass player Trevor Walsh has more runs under his belt in the music scene than any other member of DTES as he worked with some of the best musicians that not only Sydney but Australia has to offer. Trevor worked with Lead Singer Mark in a theatre band for many years, then they went their own way before joining up again in DTES some years later. Trevor is an original member of DTES and holds the groove down in each show…he just keeps getting better with age! 

Lead Guitarist and Vocalist Brendan Tinker, plays like Joe Walsh and sings like Timothy B Schmidt. Brendan is a major asset to DTES and has been apart of the band from the start. His playing style suits the Eagles songs down to the ground, with improvisation skills that are tasteful and are well in context which comes naturally with a near pitch perfect ear. He is a music teacher by day and admired by all his students which carries on into his weekend performances as he is loved by audiences near and a far.

Keyboard player Vern Aliberti is also an original member of DTES. Vern played for many years in the Theatre Restaurant scene along with many other projects throughout his long standing music career. Vern’s talent to be able to fill the DTES sound with strings, and others parts that the real Eagles produced with excess of 12 people on stage, is something to be proud of….not mention that Vern now performs each show battling Parkinson’s Disease. This man just does not give up and playing his keyboards stops him from his shakes for a couple of hours.

Drums, Vocalist, and Manager Jason Rodziewicz is described as” the backbone” of DTES. Jason has played in many bands and with many Artists and is an original member of DTES and provides the strong heartbeat required to keep everything together on and off stage...but his talent doesn't stop there. He is also a master of lighting and graphics and does everything from the designing of lighting/graphics, to the programming of each performance to suit the venue. His leadership and people skills are second to none, not to mention his loyalty and professionalism at every level, which has him held in high regard and respect, not only by the members of the band, but by all who come into his world. He works tirelessly behind the scenes to assure that each performance is one to be remembered.

Desperado are also very proud Ambassadors for THE SHAKE IT UP AUSTRALIA FOUNDATION, and help create awareness for the Insidious disease called Parkinson’s. They raise money at each performance by way of patrons donations and selling merchandise such as "SHAKER EGGS' and to date have raised over $8000.00 for the cause.

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